What is VarCamp?

 What is VarCamp?

Foo Camp

Foo Camp was started by Tim O’Reilly in 2003. Only geeks in the technological field invited to participate. It can also be defined as “the wiki of conferences”. Attendees will be able to re-arrange events and topics on the Whiteboard as per their needs. The word Foo Camp comes from the computer slang term “Foo Bar“.

foo camp event

Bar Camp

Bar Camp was held in California in 2005 in opposition to the Foo Camp, where only invited geeks and hackers were allowed to attend. It took only a few days to plan, but there were about 200 participants.

BarCamp Yangon

According to Wikipedia, the highest attendance bar in the world is Yangon BarCamp, with over 6,000 people attending.

Barcamp Yangon 2010

Although BarCamp was started by technologists, other non-technological knowledges are now being discussed at BarCamp events.

Other Camps

Some have held event with other names such as EduCamp, WPCamp, WineCamp, PhotoCamp, etc.


Our event, named VarCamp, is intended to be a virtual online event that seeks to preserve original essence of BarCamp.

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