Thu Ya Kyaw

Topic Category:
ML, AI, Cloud Computing, Google Cloud

Speaker's session

Title: AI on the cloud
Description: Vertex AI is a fully managed ML platform that enables you to train and deploy ML models and AI applications on Google Cloud. It provides a unified experience for data scientists, ML engineers, and developers, and it includes a number of features that can help you accelerate your ML projects. Vertex AI support different model types and provide several options for varying levels of ML expertise: - Pre-trained models and APIs that you can use to quickly build ML models such as Vision API and Natural Language API - AutoML allows you to train tabular, image, text, or video data without writing code or preparing data splits - Custom training gives you complete control over the training process, including using your preferred ML framework, writing your own training code, and choosing hyperparameter tuning options. In this session, Thu Ya will cover the overview of Vertex AI and its capabilities as well as answering the question of which tool on Vertex AI is right for you.